Sriracha Sea Salt

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Tangy and powerful Sriracha chili sauce is combined with natural sea salt flakes to create this unique and flavorsome Sriracha Sea Salt. Warm and spicy with a garlicky taste, it can add zest to roasted nuts, snack mixes, and popcorn. It can be used in BBQ rubs and sauces, in meat and fish recipes, Chinese food dishes, or try it in homemade ramen and chicken stock. You can elevate vegetable dishes, garnish eggs, potatoes, pasta, and enhance condiments and dips. These delicate flakes can add a pleasing crunch and desired punch to any dish.

Ingredients: Sea salt, habanero, sriracha sauce (red chili peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic powder, salt, spice).

Comes in a 1.0 oz reusable square window tin.