About Us

Transforming holistic health at home
At Anthro Apothecary, we want to transform how herbs are thought of, and used, in the everyday, modern household. We provide free educational classes on herbal qualities, instructional classes on using herbs to create natural herbal remedies and treatments, and guides on how to make herbal recipes at home. Let us help you create a more natural home for you, and your family.
A modern approach
Herbs do not have to be intimidating. At Anthro Apothecary we make exploring herbs easy and fun in our fully stocked apothecary. We are always available to help answer any questions to get you exactly what you need. 
Our story…
Anthro Apothecary is Michaela Holdridge’s passion, a cultural anthropologist with a love of ethnobotany and a desire to re-establish the connection between people and herbs in the everyday household. As a mother of two, Michaela’s interest took off when researching cultural remedies and medical anthropology practices that would benefit her young family. The confusing and sometimes inaccurate information on herbal remedies circulating pop-culture made her realize there was a need for accurate and realistic approaches to herb use. Michaela started Anthro Apothecary to share what she had learned with others to explore the many practical benefits of herbs and make the best decisions for themselves and their families. 
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